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Free Air Control at any HRV Renovent Excellent

Posted on: sep 8, 2017 | Author: Walter Boerema

At the moment we have a very good offer when purchasing any Renovent Excellent. With every WTW Renovent Excellent you get a free luxury Air Control switch, worth € 175, -

Free Air Control at any HRV Renovent Excellent

With the Air Control of Brink Climate Systems (the luxury operating module) it is possible to ventilate more or less less at pre-programmed times without having to think about it. The luxury Air Control switch is suitable for all Renovent Excellent models like; the Renvoent Excellent 400, 300 and 180 and Renovent Elan. The Renovent Sky 300, 200 and 150 are standard equipped with the Air Control.

The advantages
More comfort and even higher energy savings. A big advantage is that the application of an Air Control timer has a positive appreciation of your EPG calculation.

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